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Learn how businesses like yours unlock the full potential 
of their employee advocacy initiatives.
Marketing teams
Create and control a dynamic Post Library, full of your best performing content.
Sales teams
Post pre-curated high quality content in one-click to social networks.
People & Culture
Provide your team with content to amplify across their networks.
Empower franchisees with a library of head office-approved social media content.


Provide high-quality, curated content libraries for your sales team. Activate social selling, increase sales productivity and have more visibility and control over company messaging across social media.
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Leverage the Post Library, and post high quality content to your social networks in one click. Spend less time and energy curating content for your social channels, and more time focusing on your pipeline. 
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People & Culture

Empower your people with valuable company content. Fill your Post Library full of posts about new job openings, company news, and culture-focused content. Build your employer brand through your most valuable asset - your people.
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Maintain control over the social media strategies of your franchisees. Provide them with a library of your top content, so they can build their franchise without worrying about finding engage content for their audience.
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Turn your employees into 
your best brand advocates.

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