A social selling tool for your business

Easy to manage & simple to use dynamic social selling platform for your entire team. The social media platform designed specifically for your people.
social selling tool

A social selling hub for your people 

No, not just for marketing. For your entire business. Engage your team, with a library of curated social media content. 
No more posting in Slack channels, sending countless emails or maintaining an ever-growing spreadsheet of social media posts.

Curatebase is your hub for collaborative social media, across your entire team.

Seamless collaboration

Your social selling tool, and collaboration powerhouse.
Shared analytics
Simple visibility over your entire teams content performance. Automated UTM parameters appended to links make post tracking a breeze in your favourite analytics tools. Understand which team members drove conversions.
One social hub
A single social media hub for your team to post out your best content. Enjoy a dynamic library of your best social media content, and enable your team to publish this to their network within a single click. Dedicated onboarding support.
Approval processes
Easy approval and review flow for your posts. Using our Post Ideas Chrome plugin, you can take your teams best ideas for new content, and act upon them quick! Approve posts in minutes, or decline them from popping up again.
Slack integration
One-click integration to share your posts with your team where they work. Whether you want to be notified of your pending Post Ideas from your team, notify your team when a new post is added to the Post Library, or give your team the power to notify their team members when they post - the Slack integration is for you.

Stay in the drivers seat of your social selling tool 

Post Expiry
Set dynamic post expiry dates for your posts, to ensure time-appropriate posting. Perfect for events, webinars and other time-sensitive content.
Release Dates
Release time sensitive content to your team at the perfect time. Great for sensitive company announcements that you still want your team to amplify.

Amplify your brilliant content

Because why wouldn't you want to? Empower your team, with our powerful social selling tool.

Engage your team

Email notifications (Soon)
Schedule emails to your team which contain your top posts, for them to share.
One-click posting
Social posting made simple. Your team can post in just one-click.
Slack integration
Notify your team of news posts in a dedicated Slack channel.
Team permissions
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Capture your teams brightest post ideas

Using our Chrome Extension, your people can submit their best and brightest ideas for new content for approval from anywhere in their browser. 

Why is this important? Post Ideas give your entire team a voice, allowing you to capitalise on their industry knowledge, whether it be inspiration from competition, industry publication or from a post they saw on LinkedIn.
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