Social Selling: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Excellent Employee Social Presence

Published on 
June 13, 2021

Introducing social selling

In the simplest terms, social selling is selling using social media. Makes sense, right? But that doesn’t really give you the full picture. Social selling is all about being personal. It’s about building relationships, being knowledgeable, and being helpful. Social selling is about being a connector between networks, connecting both people and ideas. It’s about being social; not selling.

Social selling is a process for sharing relevant, useful and informative content via social media channels to build trust and relationships with potential customers. Social selling is a critical component of a successful content marketing campaign. The idea behind social selling is that sharing useful and valuable information on social media will help you build a base of loyal followers.

Why it works

Social selling is one of the most effective ways to improve a company’s online presence and awareness, leading to growth in customers. A LinkedIn study found that social selling led to a 45% increase in sales opportunities. It is a concept that is used by a lot of companies, however it’s not often talked about. Social selling combines the power of social media with the power of one-on-one sales. But how does it work? How can social selling help to increase your sales?

The first step to social selling is to find people in your company who are willing to take the initiative to build a following on social media. Once you’ve found them, they need to be able to understand how to use social media. You also need to give them a target to aim for. It’s important to remember that a lot of people will not buy straight away so you need to be patient. It’s also important to give your social sellers the right tools to promote your business. Tools like Curatebase will help you to monitor your social sellers and see how they are doing. These tools will also help you to encourage your team, by providing them with one-click social posting.

Social selling is effective because it encourages and empowers employees to amplify key brand messages, which tie directly into product. Not to mention, every dollar invested in social selling generates $8 in revenue. So, if social selling is so effective, why isn't everyone doing it? While social selling is a great way to connect with leads, it takes a lot of time and effort to develop an effective.

At its core, social selling is a process that encompasses several high-touch and high-tech aspects of a selling strategy. Connecting over social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, social selling is emerging as a highly effective way to stay present in the minds of existing and potential customers. It's also an excellent way to find and nurture new business opportunities.

social selling

Sales and social media

Social media can help sales professionals sell more effectively. As long as you are authentic and you focus on engaging with your customers without being pushy, you can use social media to attract, engage, and nurture sales leads. Methods to doing this include:

1. Timely social posting: It’s important that sales are publishing messages across their social channels when they’re confident they’ll garner engagement.

2. Quality content: Sales should work with their marketing teams for content - at the end of the day, sales are there to connect with prospects - not write social copy.

3. Measuring what works: LinkedIn will provide basic post analytics, but leveraging a dedicated social selling platform will be your best bet for understanding what is driving engagement in your network.

Sales is hard work. The best salespeople in the world are always looking for an edge; for a way to get in front of more leads, turn those leads into customers, and ultimately close more deals. All too often, sales professionals use their social media accounts to push product. This is appropriate in some situations, but it's ultimately a short-sighted strategy. Social media is a great way to network, build your reputation as a problem-solver, and gain access to high-quality leads. But it's also an excellent way to sell your own products and services.

‍Social media is a great way to stay in touch with customers and develop relationships. But it can be a challenge for sales people — they have to manage it, respond to comments, check their stats, and post new content. Try leveraging a social selling platform designed to help your people get the most out of social media. It allows sales people to stay up to date with their social media accounts, schedule posts, and send new ideas to marketing to improve the social selling program.

Getting started with Curatebase

Social media can be difficult to scale. Scaling businesses and sales people don’t have the resources to constantly produce content for their social media. Many sales people are forced to create content for social media themselves, which can be time-consuming and tedious - and simply put, not of a high quality. This impacts their ability to leverage social media as a channel to reach new customers.

Curatebase lets your entire team publish fresh and engaging posts with just one click. It saves your entire team time, and automates content distribution, making it easier than ever for your entire business to effectively leverage social media. Start your 14 day trial today.


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